Consignor Terms & Conditions

    • Items given for consignment that were stained or with holes will not be returned to consignors.
    • The total sale value of items given on consignment should be at least $500 to open a new consignor account.
    • No returns to consignors on Children apparel. Once items have expired (after a minimum of 6 months) the store will decide what to do with these items.
    • No returns on Women apparel for items valued at or less than $90
    • Luxury items will always be returned to consignors if unsold.
    • Any item that has not been claimed by consignor after a one week period from notification date will be considered store propriety.
    • Payouts : any balance below $75 should be used in store as credit. Balances of $75 or above will be payed quarterly, balances of $200 will be payed monthly, balances of $1000 or above will be payed immediately.
    • Demands to retrieve payouts outside of the regular payout periods will incur a $10 fee.